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small body, big voice

A fan community for DAISHI
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This is a community for those who love KAJINAGA DAISHI, the vocalist of the Japanese cosplay bands Psycho le Cèmu, MYU, and current solo artist with KAJINAGA DAISHI BAND, which is now the ROMEO. Everyone is welcome to join and share their love for DAISHI! ^___^ Art, pictures, icons, thoughts, etc. are all welcomed- just remember to respect your fellow fans, and be nice.

Note: While we aren't against sharing the occasional file (preferably very rare ones, or to sample), please friends lock any post containing files, and please do not post complete albums. The best way to support DAISHI is buying his music from a direct source. While we understand it isn't always possible to find what you want for sale, please support Daishi as much as you can! You can buy DAISHI's current music through www.cdjapan.co.jp - they are a wonderful, reliable company that makes ordering overseas quick and painless!


6/15/06- With the closing of SYNECTICS, it has been announced that the fan mail address and forwarding service to the members of PLC is being closed. I will update as soon as I find out a way to get letters/presents to Daishi.

11/7/06- DAISHI is currently having solo lives in Japan. A tour is planned to begin in January. If you can't be there in person, don't forget to tune in to listen to his free radio live @ 333music.net between 17:00-17:30 (12-12:30 am PAC) on 11/11/06! I'd also like to remind everyone that you must be logged in to access certain entries.

11/22/06- Happy Thanksgiving! the fabulous dojogirlaurora has made a post of DAISHI's 2007 tour dates and appearances. It will be edited as events are changed or added, so check often!

1/8/07- DAISHI's new album, GOD JAPANESE MONSTER, is available for preorders. The release date is 2/15/07.

3/5/07- DAISHI will be making quite a few radio appearances in the near future. Check out the details here. Also, GOD JAPANESE MONSTER (general sale edition, which has a different track listing and cover) is available for preorder at www.cdjapan.co.jp .Lastly, please stop by the ever-evolving www.kajinaga.com !~

5/25/07- KAJINAGA DAISHI BAND is now called ROMEO, in order to establish that they are a proper band now,and not just support members for Daishi as a solo act. I look forward to it! More updates soon on www.kajinaga.com In the meantime, keep your eyes on the NEW official site: http://www.the-romeo.com Daishi (and presumably ROMEO) have a new ablum planned for August as well! EDIT: release date 8/8/07, available at www.cdjapan.jp and www.hmv.co.jp

6/22/07- http://www.the-romeo.com is active! Check it out!

[DAISHI stats]
position :: vocals
birthdate :: February 5
blood type :: B
height :: 163 cm (5ft 3 1/2)
weight :: 41 kg (90 lb)

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OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.the-romeo.com

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