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One-man report / Daishi blog updates

So, I haven't posted here in ages, but I was dinking around on LJ and figured I'd update a bit. I hadn't seen the Romeo since they, well, became the Romeo. I saw them back when it was Kajinaga Daishi and co., but nothing's really changed all that much. The fashon, if I may say so, could use some going back to the old days, at least on the part of the rest of the band. Daishi's still in leopard print, and I'm pleased to say he does not wear pointy shoes. (As a side note, my friend and I were dying to find this out at the first concert we went to, but we hung out in the back due to platforms and fresh piercings. This time around we were right up front.)

The concert was a lot of fun. Sorry I can't do a detailed song report or anything. The fans, though, are one thing that would keep me away. Japanese fans don't know how to crowd surf (Daishi does though! Got a noogie for his efforts too :P), and being the tall white girls, the Japanese girls like to push my friend and I into the five rows of bodies upon which they then jump. This might be better if we weren't always at the back of this mess. It's painful on the neck, and they don't surf, they roll. Most concerts don't let you do this, but the Romeo's staff boys were just shoving them back to roll away from the stage. I'd say that was my one and only problem with that live. The hall was way too small, and there weren't enough people to do it, even if they were doing it properly. My friends glasses broke, and I had a sore neck for about a week from people landing on it.

They did a few songs off of Rosario. I liked them!! They were very jazzy though, a bit different than what I was expecting. Actually I think they did at least half of the album. Haha. Last one-man I went to, they had one full album and a single, and they did some stuff from the album that came out under the Romeo, but they repeated every one of the Kajinaga Daishi songs at least once. They didn't do many of those songs at this live. God Japanese Monster, of course, was the never ending song that, thankfully, people were too busy jumpping around to roll during.

Group picture link from their blog

It's a fun show. I'm glad we were up at the front, if only because I got to give Daishi a noogie and grope him a little (nothing pervy.... my friend did try that though..), but ow my neck. I'm really curious about the whole "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" deal, because Kozi attempted a cover (Daishi's was mildly better, but not by much) at the E-Furo II live as well. And I will agree with henshinizon in that the MC was special, even for Daishi. Nipples and body complexes all around. And of course, once he mentioned that you could see nipples, (I really don't know any names, we have nicknames for all of them) not only did I notice the guitarist's, the bassist's flashed a few times as well.

Yeah, that's enough rambling.

Now for some blog posts, cause that man is adorable er... badass....

Our last live of the year is over!

We didn't have very many lives this year, so I want to do a ton next year.

I'll do one-mans and events energetically, so please come!
There's not much left of this year, but I hope everyone is spending it happily.

picture link
I spent Christmas with my seniors and juniors.
Michi from S.Q.F., Hikaru from Gyaro, guitarist Riino, manager Taka, and everyone, Happy Merry Christmas!

Everyone, have a good Christmas!

Glad he found somebody to hang out with on Christmas! It looked like the rest of his band had stuff to do.
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Just FYI, you probably wouldn't know this because you probably don't know who he is, but the guitarist's name is romanized Reeno, Daishi's katakana spelling aside.

Also, they pretty much played the whole album, except for "Rodeo Swapping Boogie."
And I definitely meant to say "Shoujo to Gasoline." And I suck. XD
Yeah, I definitely only barely know their names, lol
I actually find the girls at The Romeo to be really nice, at least, the Hiroki fans are. I've had more nice conversations with Hiroki fans (And one Daisuke fan) then a lot of other bands fans. They also roll quite nicely compared to a lot of bands fans and I'd always rather take the +1 for the slippers instead of big concert shoes hitting my head any day.

Although Chelasea Hotel is a pain in the ass with the raise up infront of the stage, dip down for the first section then stair up for the back half.

Daishi's shoes at the live were ridiculous, who wears leopard print creepers. Sometimes, that man could use to steal things from Hiroki -> Hakuei->Chisato->Shige that is something less ugly then that red jacket. Perhaps shoes are a long hope though, seeing as how I'm sure Daishi has smaller feet then those guys >>;
I'm pretty sure Daishi would wear leopard print EVERYTHING if he could lol
at that live he pretty much was.
He pretty much has, hasn't he? Just not at the same time. (^.~)
Oh, I do prefer the Romeo fans over a lot of others. It's just the rolling that kills me. That the Romeo fans will actually hold conversations is quite nice, and I'm thankful for the slippers, but I really didn't appreciate being shoved repeatedly into the front and not let out.
I don't think henshinizon and I have ever been shoved anywhere, but perhaps that's just luck. ^^;

But Chelsea sorta all gets eaten up by the fans there >>; they need to play at La.mama more where it limits the pit down into the lower area by size.
hahaha great report :3 thank you!

and I agree with you. the fandiving thing is just painful T_T

That's why I love Shibuya la mama. Because of this pillar in front of daishi, no one can do this XD