KYOSMASH (kyosmash) wrote in heroic_daishi,

Question or request of some sorts.

Can someone tell which DVDS these videos are from?

Also can someone give me a list of DVDs they have released? Including demo tapes or wtf they're called.

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Video 1:
Thanks! I hadn't seen that one before, it's beautiful! I don't know if that has ever been released; there's a "WOWOW" logo in the corner, so maybe it was filmed for a TV station?

Video 2: This is from the Sweet Trance DVD "2001: The Space Odyssey".

Video 3: This is a comedy skit from a TV show, I think they made a few of those, but this is the only one I've seen.

"Indies movieBEST" PLGV 006. Compliation of stuff from their indies period, some of it filmed with amateur equipment, to put it nicely, but all of it worth seeing. Finishes with the most chaotic version of "Trap Zone" ever; Aya's guitar malfunctions completely, SCRONCH SCREECH! Then he stagedives. A must!!!

"Risokyou Ryokou ZEPP" Nippon Crown crbp-10030 Live 2003.1.11, 16 songs.

"in USA live & document" Nippon Crown crbp-10019 Film with six complete songs from their USA lives, plus backstage footage and interviews subtitled in English.

"in USA II" Nippon Crown Crbp-10032 13 songs and an extended skit/tour through Orlando.

"Saishuuwa - mata aeru sono hi made - epilogue" SWRD9001 Double disc from their last tour, one disc has 25 songs (!) from their very last concert, the other has all the skits and backstage fun from the concerts plus edited highlights of an earlier concert from the same tour. Their best DVD, but the end is devastatingly sad; Daishi looks like he's having a breakdown ...

Then, the Magical Box came with a DVD, "Magical Clips". It has some of their PVs and a skit - but the PVs have an optional video track! The sound is the same, but now the group is performing the song with playback in front of a live audience. Worth checking out!

Most of their singles came with DVDs, but all the material is collected on a DVD that came with their "Greatest Hits" album. This one has five "making of" videos too.

There's a four track DVD with their "Indies Best" album, two of the songs appear on the indies best DVD, two are unique.

They have a few songs on the Sweet Trance compilation DVDs "The Graduate 2002" and 2001: The Space Odyssey.

There is a PV for their early indies song "Kronos", but I don't think that one has been released except on an obscure VHS, "Spark Up!! Joukan" PLGV-002.

There are a few bits and pieces on youtube, stuff from TV shows and other stuff, but I think that's about it as far as DVDs are concerned ...

As for demos, there are two audio cassettes, "Self Analysis", with unique versions of five of their early songs, and "Genesis" - a one-track cassette. The track was included in the second pressing of "A trip to arcadia". (I tell myself I'm not an obsessive fan, since I don't need to buy the other version of "A trip to arcadia", the one without Genesis.)

I don't know if there are any demo or live-only or fan-club videos, anyone?

They also have Magical Party Daihyakka book and The Magical Photograph Daizenshu photobook which both came with DVDs. :)

Other than that, I think you covered it all. XD
Isn't the third video from the Sweet Trance DVD? Because I remember seeing the Sweet Trance DVD a long ass time ago and that was in it. Also the Sweet Trance DVD included footage of their last Indies lives right?
I clicked a bit around on Youtube; it sez HERE:

that it was broadcast on WOWWOW, and there's a logo in the corner, so I'm sure it was from a TV show.

The only bonus material I can find on the Sweet Trance DVDs are silly interviews - one on each of them ... but I'm no good at finding easter eggs, so you never know.