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The ROMEO new album -ROSARIO- Group Order

The ROMEO released their new album mid-March, but I was a little slow on the ball and am planning on placing an order by the end of the week. Since this CD is only available for Japanese residents sending in an order slip from the post office and has a one-time service and shipping fee of 700 yen no matter how many copies are ordered, I figured I'd extend the offer to anyone else who'd like a copy.

The CD itself is 2,500 yen plus the cost of shipping and 300 yen to cover any Paypal fees. There is no extra fee or commission fee besides this, and CDs would be shipped out ASAP after receiving them and confirming your shipping address.

EMS shipping rates are as follows according to the Japan Postal Service website:

Asia - 900 yen
North America, Oceania and the Middle East - 1,200 yen
Europe - 1,500 yen
South America, Africa - 1,700 yen

If interested in ordering, please leave a comment. I have feedback in both Japanese/English linked on my sales journal, ssales.

Crossposted to a few communities, so I apologize if you see this more than once.
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